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  • Photography

    Why a professional photographer?

    Because, you’re a professional at what you do – and you’re really good at it. Likewise, a professional photographer is really good at what they do – they’re a professional. There’s more to photography that simply pointing and shooting. A professional photographer is creative, they have an artistic eye, they know how to get the best of out a challenging lighting situation, they can capture a riveting and compelling image that everyone will notice – and they know how to use professional editing tools that can take an average photo and make it into an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind, work-of-art.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic design is a creative process.

    It is used to graphically convey a specific message to a targeted audience. Graphic design can be composed of: words, symbols, images and photos to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. Okay, enough of the formal definition…graphic design makes stuff look pretty. With visual arts, typography, page layout, interface design, user experience design, printmaking, illustration, etc..professional graphic design can bring it all together and create a compelling visual design that can show off your business or product in a unique way. And we’re really good at it!

  • Marketing

    Marketing isn't dead

    A good communication plan, is a balanced communication plan. Agencies often push digital marketing as the only avenue your company should pursue, but my focus is on creating a brand identity that will carry from your business card, to your website, to your signage. When a connection is made on multiple levels with a customer, you'll be rewarded. It’s all about taking advantage of every opportunity to connect and create an lasting memory with your customer. In today’s world, good design breaks through the clutter. I'll help you create marketing pieces that will make your brand memorable.

  • Education

    In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.

    From teaching kids the art of photography, to teaching adults at professional workshops, I love to help expand the skills and abilities of all levels of photography & design. I organize workshops with full creative teams for you to learn first hand how to put together a professional shoot on your own. I will guide you through the ups and downs of what can happen on set, while covering lighting demonstrations, portfolio reviews and post processing. This is a wonderful way to learn and build your portfolio all at the same time. Interested in attending a workshop? Contact Me!

About Me

I am very motivated, and posses an inner drive to complete every project with passion, innovation and creativity. I love to create visual solutions for different markets, and am always open to new experiences. I consider myself a team player and a positive leader who loves to listen, teach, learn and motivate. My mission is to take my knowledge of art, and not only capture it to share it with the world, but to help teach others to do the same, because everyone has their own vision.
I want to change the world to be a more beautiful place, and that takes drive, determination, and a whole lot of dreaming.

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