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Project: La Rocco Law Firm Website

Description: La Rocco Law contacted me looking for an updated and responsive website and rebrand. We first tackled the bigger picture, asking what they want to see come from their web presence, and who they think would help that happen. From there, we created a new logo and brand scheme, and developed a fully responsive WordPress website, giving them easy accessibility for updates, blogs and easy client interaction.

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Project: Batting Cages Inc

Description: Batting Cages Inc struggled on an older, out of date Magento platform when I started working with them. Outdated graphics, conflicting product hierarchy, difficult navigation and unoptimized SEO, product descriptions and overall a struggling user experience. Beginning with some fresh graphics, we built out the entire website's backend to have cleaner navigation and began optimizing the products in the system. Creating a fully interactive and responsive website came next, which is currently in testing phases, where it was left (unfortunately) when I moved cross country and away from the brand. 

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Project: Yellow Cab

Description: When Yellow Cab approached me, their biggest concern was that they needed a fully responsive website that offered easy mobile ordering of cabs for their clients. On top of that, they wanted to build a mobile iOS application that could be downloaded, and completely rebrand their company with an updated logo and social platform. From this, we created a fresh new logo that emulated a street sign with the Y, but continued to be a very clear visual of who they are. With this logo, we focused the website redesign to have a similar look and feel, bold and yellow, fully responsive and simple. Their website was built out using the CMS Made Simple platform, so Yellow Cab could easily update and manage their space internally. With this release, we also ran a multi platform SEO and PPC campaign, increasing their organic online precense in Whatcom County, in order to combat the ever popular Uber.

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Project: Bellingham Roller Betties

Description: The Bellingham Roller Betties struggled with an outdated, non-responsive website that required a complete overhaul. Their original website was static built and only accessible by anyone who could understand HTML & CSS backend development. As a sports league with ever-changing members of marketing and design, this was extremely difficult to manage and ensure it was being worked on properly. Over the course of 9 months, we rebuilt the website on a Wordpress platform with a clean, responsive design that offered exciting new graphics and a user experience that was far more intuitive, including a new event system and scoring tables to track the league's progress as their season develops. This also helped open up the access for editing from multiple people with no experience in code & backend development. 

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